Each of our building sites has a dedicated team, overseen by the project/construction manager. Our team of carpenters are specialised in all facets of building and we are able to take advantage of individual strengths to ensure the highest standard of construction. Our foremen are not only highly skilled managers in their supervisory and administrative roles but are also “hands on” around the site when need be.

We employ a maintenance team who carry out preventative maintenance and repairs on the houses we have built over the last 25 years. Maintenance visits can be scheduled or completed as the need arises. The Team’s insight into the wear and tear of our homes enable us to build out a lot of defects during the construction phase. The Team also co-ordinate any rectification issues that may arise.

A key aspect to producing such a high standard of work lies in the strong relationships we have developed with our employees and our sub-contractors. We greatly value the trade’s people we employ and are constantly rewarded by their strong work ethic and the high quality of work they produce. These factors as well as our quality control and compliance with OH&S guidelines ensure that we generate the highest quality results exclusive to the Construction Connection.

We take our workers’ safety very seriously and to that end we employ an independent OH&S officer who makes regular visits to our sites and conducts training with our employees and sub-contractors to ensure that OH&S regulations are being met and adhered to.

Contracts/Project Manager:
Financial Controller:
Administration Team:

Tim Rooney
Zac Southen
Kirsty McDonald
Penny Jones
Rachel Gibbins
Vanessa Gill


Trevor Davis
Banjo Phelan
Andrew McLeod
Brad Mills

Andrew Ramsay
Stuart Einspinner
Tom Hagley
Sam Schneider


James Schubert
Daniel Pink
Jarrad Banffy
Steve Peterson
Daniel Pink
Jake Voss

Alex Stewart
Jonathon Gough (apprentice)
Cohen Bonitz (apprentice)
Charlie Einspinner (apprentice)
Nathan Kayrous (apprentice)

OH&S Officer:

Ken Hocking – TTIA (Timber Trade Industrial Association)